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activity check is now up! you have until june 4th to save your character!

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look out for an activitycheck soon!

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big changes coming to chasing the daylight soon. mod positions will be opening shortly! if you want to apply please fill out this form and post it in the submit box!

the search: alright guys we here at chasing the daylight, are looking for four other people to help us run this place! what are we looking for? well the number one thing is activity and dedication because too many times sites die, because admins get distracted by other projects. interested in helping us put together this epicness? fill out the form below.knowledge of admin cp is a must

the app show us your creativity but you must include the following:

method of contact:
what is your level of activity on sites?
have you adminned before? links to sites please
what is your commitment level to sites?
what can you bring to the admin team? eg. coding, graphics, writing links to samples please.
anything else?

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just a reminder that all of the reserved face claims end tomorrow! 

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Anonymous asked » "tom hiddleston for riis, please? c:"

you got it <3

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we open in a hour!!! 

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Anonymous asked » "can i reserve robert downey jr for hobbes?"

you got it. :)

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here is the applications, if you plan to be an artist use that app. 

the artist application

the civilian application

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